5 Tips for Seniors to Enjoy the Spring!

This Spring… Check In for A Check Up!

Spring is a great time to get your weight, blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol levels checked out.
If it’s been a year since your eyes were tested, schedule an appointment with your optometrist, and see your dentist if you haven’t been examined for at least six to nine months.

If you find it difficult to catch what people are saying, especially in a crowd of people, it’s probably time to get your hearing tested.

Here are 5 TIPS for you to enjoy this season:

      1. Go Outside As Much As Possible & Enjoy Nature

    Gardening brings a multitude of health benefits. Tending to a garden can boost your level of Vitamin D, which can, in turn, help reduce the risk of bone problems and fractures.

      2. Drink Lots of Water

    Keep an eye on your water intake – especially when you’ve been outdoors in the sun!

      3. Revamp Your Diet

    Asparagus, peas, lettuce, and strawberries come into season during Spring, making it the perfect time to replace heavier winter meals with salads, light soups or other lightly cooked fare.

      4. Watch for Allergies

    Springtime can mean the beginning of allergies, especially for people who react badly to grass and pollen.

      5. Dress Appropriately

    Loose clothing and layers are ideal for Spring, allowing you to take off clothing as the day warms up.

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